Just a small time game dev, trying to make it in the world.

Honestly though, not to much to say here. LastPlace Games has been nothing more than idea for a very long time. The name first started getting thrown around between a bunch of nerds in an office at 3am, when we had a silly idea for a top down zombie survival game, back in '08. Since then, LastPlace has been re-created and taken several different forms. From a meeting place for friends, to a placeholder website for ambitious projects. Actually putting the name LastPlace Games on a game never seemed like something that would ever happen but, here we are. Making things happen, finally

LastPlace Games is currently just a one man army. I always seem to fall victim to big, grand dreams of what could be so, I'm trying really hard to not make that the case this time around. My dream for LastPlace Games is simple. Create fun games, have fun making those games, and share those games with the world.